Friday, May 15, 2009

Patapon 2...They're baaaaaaaaaccccccckkkkk!!

The reason I'm writing this post is to vent some frustration about the bosses in this game. I'm nowhere near beating this game. I think I might be almost a third of the way through. I'm to the second round with the woolly mammoth boss. The one where you get the ponchaka song. See, you need this song in the very next stage against the gate boss Bababan. My complaint with the mammoth boss is that you could be like 5 minutes into the battle and he'll cheepshot you and kill all your guys in one move. This happened to me the last round I played against him. I had him almost beat, and he cought me right after I did the rain juju and stomped on all my guys. Thus ending the round. I had been at him for almost 10 minutes. I thought that the idea of the bosses in this game was to figure out their pattern of attack. Once you figure out this pattern you would think you would be rewarded with a victory. Alas, it is not so. guess I'll just have to keep grinding away till I get past these two bosses. Pata Pata Pata On!!

Update: I finally got past the Woolly Mammoth boss and Bababan the demon gate. Pata Pata Pata Pon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Resist This!!

So I have recently gotten my hands on Resistance Retribution. Finally PSP has gotten a shooter that isn't "halfed" by some creator that is forced to make a game for the PSP. Insomniac is one of the top 2 devs for PSP. We all know Naught Dog are the gods, but insomniac isn't far behind. Okay so onto the game... So at first the shooting mechanic is a bit tricky. After going through the options and adjusting the controls the game was much more enjoyable. I played the demo, and must say that the full release is much different from the demo, and for the good. The story is much more engaging, and you see how much the weapons very. The use of the shooting mechanic is much more fleshed out as well. You also run into one of the nastiest enemies in the full release the Boilers. These buggers are relentless unless you shoot them in the head. The enemy AI can be weak and cheap at times, but for the most part I found it a good challenge.

Now, I haven't finished the game yet (kind of avoiding it cause I like this game so much), but one of my favorite things about this game is the "puzzle" element to it. Whether it's figuring out the best point of attack or the best weapon the puzzle element keeps you on your toes. This is the kind of game we've been begging for on the PSP since it came out. Go pick up this game and let Sony know what we really want on our PSP's.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ziggy's Supper Stardust Portable...

From the first clips of this game I was ready to get my hands on it and play. So after downloading SSP it was time to immerse myself in the sound and visuals of this masterpiece. The way you are going to attack this game takes a bit of time to figure out. But, once you do you might as well say goodbye to hours of your life. I believe it was 1UpYours' John Davidson that said this game was like crack. I miss the feel of arcade games. There is just an X-factor in them that brings out this nostalgic feel. The game play balance that makes it just hard enough that it makes you want to throw something, but forgiving enough that you can't help but come back for more. Housemarque could have just tried to do a straight port of this game. Instead they took the time and care to take the nature of the handheld into the equation. The controls are easy to pick up. The rounds can be quick bite size chunks, perfect for pick up and play. The graphics and music are audio visual ecstasy.

Now, I'm not all sunshine and rainbows about this game. The one big nag I have against SSP is the shooting mechanic. My hand quickly cramped up when using the Gold Melter. Maybe I just need to get more aquainted with the other weapons? The Ice Crusher is fast becoming one of my favorite weapons with trial and error.

This might be the best game created for PSP to date. The only other game that might be on this level is God of War. and the replay ability is through the roof. Sony is finally understanding how important online player rankings are. If they want to bring the arcade feel to people this is KEY. Beating your best friends high score is the best excuse for replay. And short of slapping down your quarter on a machine to play next, nothing is more at the heart of being in an arcade. With the online leader board for this game the arcade is finally in your pocket.

A new year begins...

And there is much on the gaming horizon to play. I have gotten my hands on some gems already. I have played through LocoRoco2 already. Fantastic sequel, and way more difficult. I'll take a look at that in future posts. One of my ongoing addictions is Super Stardust Portable. A brilliant port to a great PSN title. That will be talked about later as well. I am currently playing Patapon 2 Don Chacka and the Resistance Retribution Demo. Patapon is as addictive as ever. I'm in the grinding phase though, so just taking my time with it. I have mixed feelings about Resistance. Not so sure I'm a fan of the controls. It's such a hard play mechanic to port to a single stick handheld. I will expound on both these games as well. All I know is that 2009 has shaped up to be an amazing year for the psp so far.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still...

So, I was searching for new PSOne games to play, and I came across MegaMan 8. This is one of the best things about being out of gaming for a while. I find little jewels like this game. I think the thing that struck me the most was the beautiful artwork in this game. I was astounded that it was a PSOne game to be honest. And one of the hardest elements ever introduced into a MegaMan game, the jet board. I think this is up there with MegaMan Powered Up's iceman floating platform section. Only the designers of 8 thought it would be SO FUNNY to bring back the jet board for the beginning of Wily's tower. Not only that, but make it twice as long as the first one. I will say this though, I thuroughly enjoyed this game, even though it was relentless. If you haven't picked it up, it's a must have!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Entry #18: Rock Band Edition

So I'm a bad little blogger. It's yet again been a while since I have written. Mainly because my life has been swallowed up by my job. I have found time to game some though, so I thought I would fill you in.

First off, I have recently re-acquired my NES from the parents along with my Game Boy. That's right kids a first edition Game Boy!! Both are in fine working order, and have been added to my gaming collection. I have also recently purchased a PS2. I know I know, They have been around for years. And maybe someday I will be cool and have the latest and the greatest.

The reason I am excited about the PS2, is that it allows me to play some of the current games that are out. Hence my latest purchase, and ultimate time waster ROCK BAND!!! I think every office should have Rock Band and a drum kit in the office for stress relief.

I've also picked up a few games in the past couple months. Here is my list...

1. God Of War 2
2. Lego Indiana Jones (PSP)
3. Space Invaders Extreme
4. Rock Band
5. Bleach Heat the Soul 5
6. Echocrome
7. MegaMan Powered Up
8. Puzzle Quest

Think that's it. Yeah, it might as well be the pile of shame,cause it will take me forever to get through these. So, I have been busy buying games, but playing them...., not so much. I will say that right now it looks like Rock Band isn't going to leave the PS2 anytime soon. Happy gaming!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crisis Core

Now I am new to the Final Fantasy series as far as playing is concerned. I have read up on the history of Final Fantasy. A well crafted, elaborate, tail of pain, sorrow, triumph, victory. The latest installment of this series is Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII. I have gotten my hands on a copy of this newest game in the series. I know that VII is beloved by millions as one of the greatest RPG's ever. Now know that I am not an RPG fan by any means. to be honest they bore the tears out of me. I am an action game type of girl. And I love puzzle games with a passion. You would think that RPG would be right up my alley. They just moved terribly slow for me. This is a new take on RPG's though. An intoxicating coctail of RPG mixed with a cathartic dose of action. It's the best of both worlds. The strategy puzzle that is the RPG, moved at a tension filled pace by the action element.

Now I'm not very far into this title. What I will say is that for a handheld game it is on par with God Of War. This is a Final Fantasy title thru and thru. And not just any FF title, one with the coveted VII after it's name. The musical score is brilliant, as well as cut scenes and in game graphics. This game not only deserves the title of VII, it is the apitomy of what everyone loves about VII. Remixed brillianty, it takes itself seriously as a barer of the VII story. This a full fledged VII title. No corner cutting here.

Well that is all I have so far on this game. I'm going to go back to playing. On Wednesday when this game comes out snatch it up, cause it won't be sitting on the shelf long.